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But isn't Damon/Elena is essentially rape?


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I just watched the delena 3x19 clip again on youtube and I got overwhelmed with feels again and I can't even breathe right now I'm so emotional. Remember when they were THAT? WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS I'M SO UPSET I WANT THE DELENA WE FELL IN LOVE WITH BACK

I know. They were the actual greatest thing on TV apart from Faberry ssshhhhhh Rin shhhhh.

You are brave for rewatching 3x19. I don’t have the heart to look back right now. :(

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have you seen the new spoilers of tvd? what do you think of the new webclip and all the news about bamon?

No? I saw the webclip and it was something with Alaric teaching Occult studies Liv and Not!Tyler and I had 0% interest in it.

Somebody please elaborate on Bamon news, that sounds much more fun.

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I'm in such a bad place with DE. I hated the sire bond but, if the aftermath were handled well, I could have moved on. Then S5 happened and I feel like it destroyed everything that DE was and could have been. Yet, I'm torn. I want to just walk away because of how awful it makes me feel to still hold out hope for them after all the awfulness. On the other hand, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt because I know the writer situation/staff turnover/new management impacted EVERYTHING.

I feel you, anon. I feel you so much that I was too sad to even reply to this ask until now. I don’t know much about the issues with the staff or how that impacted the writing, but I’ve heard they’re adding a reviewer who has been singing their praises throughout s4 and s5 to the staff this year so I can’t say that bodes well.

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are you planning on reviewing the originals on your blog? tbh i loved it and i hope you will write something about those episodes before our precious rebekah left

I am going to try to catch up with it, anon, at least until Rebekah leaves. Life has been a bit hectic lately and okay I’ve been watching dozens of hours of Danish TV and cinema instead of recapping but yeah. I’ll get to those last recaps soon and I’ll be watching next season, probably, against my better judgment.

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I was wondering if I was the only one not sure about Dianna's co-star in Bare. I also googgled her and I was not impressed to say the least. I'm just not sure about this movie yet, as much as I adore Di. I want only the best for her and for her to be successful in all she does, so I am hoping it turns out to be an amazing role for her. No doubts she call pull it off. It's just the co-star that I'm not sold on yet. I guess I'll just hope for the best.

The movie might still be really good but I’m not anticipating having any tingly OTP feelings about it.

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...what dianna lesbian movie are you talking about?

I guess you probably know by now, huh?

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I agree completely with you, except for the small part where you said you don't want a guy to come between bonnie and elena. They don't need a guy for their relationship to come to shit, they achieved it quite well on their own, unfortunately.

Lol. Fair point, anon. Depressingly fair point. Although I wouldn’t so much say that their relationship has come to shit as that the writing for their relationship is both thin and sloppy and that is even more of a shame, in my view, than if the two of them were in an actual bad place that was actually properly written.

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Oh God i just can't stop with my AoS joy! I love all the characters and pairings/relationships. SkyeWard - can't wait to see what's next for them! (And how they're gonna redeem Ward) ColsonMay - f*ing love it! ColsonSkye - SAME! FitzSimmons - my babieeesss! It's so cool to like every character and not feel frustrated as fuck as I feel after TVD. Also for so long I couldn't find romantic pairing to engage me as DE did but SkyWard doing it for me! yay!

Same anon, right? Just couldn’t contain yourself? UNDERSTANDABLE. And yeah, the consistent characterization is such a joy - let’s hope it lasts longer than TVD’s did :(

I’m still eyeing the SkyWard ship apprehensively at this point but am prepared to fall in the messy, painful kind of love if the show does it right. Which I’m sure they will.