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Anonymous asked
No pressure, but do you have an idea of when your next Orphan Black recap will be up? Really looking forward to seeing your thoughts :)


Anonymous asked
Hi, Sophy! I'm curious - have you seen "Friends" and if so - did you liked it? It's probably the only show in which I love all of the main characters absolutely equally, rare case for me )))

I liked Friends! I didn’t really watch it when it was first airing so I’m not as much of a fan as Rin is, but I’ve probably seen most of the episodes just by catching reruns late at night or when I’m sick or on a plane or something.

I don’t know what kind of a pompous sour-faced black-hearted jerk wouldn’t like Friends????

I have a favourite, by the way, and it’s Monica.

intothelandofelephantcrowns asked
Hello Sophy! I was wondering, did you and Rin listen to some more The Killers/Brandon Flower's songs after seeing Dianna in 'Just Another Girl'? Because I'd really like to know your opinions on the band :) I hope you are well, take care xx

Well… I didn’t. Such empty promises. Maybe I will now. WHAT SONGS SHOULD I LISTEN TO, FRIEND?

Anonymous asked
/Apologies if you’re a Captain Swan shipper, anon/ No need. ) Honestly I was tempted by the CapSwan gifs and watched OUAT up to 208 I think. The show is soo not my thing - too fairytale-ike, also too many cheeseness, though I liked Emma, Regina and Rampel -and 206 was great with all the Hook/Emma interactions. But then I've lost interest in the show and THEN I've seen your long detalized arguments about CS and realized I can unread what I've read ) So SC lost the appeal and I found better shows


forgottostay asked
have you seen the new jenny lewis video?

YES. Several times.