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Your recap had Hannibal references, FABERRY AHHHHGHHHHH, tons of Alison and Felix and aghhhhhhhh, aghhhhh, it was great, I think I'm in love, ahhhhhhhhhhggghhhhhh.


I’m hoping you’re a new rophite who has just discovered us and is like, OMG LIKEMINDED PEOPLE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

That’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Hannibal, Faberry and Alison/Fe. Best. <3

My favourite anon ever, tbh.

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Seeing the newest ratings I wonder if tptb FINALLY get that this seasons of TVD is horrendous. Eventhough it won't change anything at this point. :-( I'm still perplexed how they can carefully craft a wonderful love story for years and then rip it,shred it and bury it six feet under within a couple of episodes. I was so invested once, couldn't wait for the next epi-now I honestly don't care for any of the characters anymore. Haven't seen the last six and don't even feel the need to. That's sad!

I’m rather baffled as well, anon. I think the writers thought they could do whatever the heck they wanted with Delena - use it for drama, angst, shocking moments, and to drive the plot and not worry about the consequences because we were all in it for the chemistry not the characters. I think they assumed that the fanbase generally wouldn’t care what they did with Damon and Elena as characters as long as they kept giving us the occasional sexy scene and the promise of endgame.

They were certainly wrong when it comes to some of us.

I don’t know what the ratings are like but I’m guessing not good from what you’re saying. And honestly? This season has been a mess all round.

The writers got lazy. The writers got arrogant. The writers didn’t try hard enough. And this is the result - for us - and for them.

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(2/2) People who are defending this characteriaction of Damon are baffling me. It makes me wonder how many are real fans of him, and how many just support him out of habit. How long are we supposed to feel bad for a guy with low self worth, when he reverts back to doing horrible things? How long are we to feel sympathy for a guy who wants to be loved when he disrespects the love he has been given? This is so ridic.

Hey anon, unfortunately I didn’t get part 1/2? But I don’t feel you on this, I really do. I’m continually being told I’m not a real Damon fan - that I never was - that I never really ‘got’ him etc. And maybe there are some people who always knew Damon would be killing Auntie Sarahs behind Elena’s back in season 5 because it’s just so him. But I do suspect that there is that a certain group of fans of Damon would be fans of Damon no matter what he did - no matter how vile it was, no matter how out of character others might find it to be.

Pretty much the only sticking point for those people is that Damon is played by Ian Somerhalder.

You make such a good point at the end there about Damon disrespecting the love he has been given. There’s a worrying tendency in fandom to say that Elena should have supported Damon more and maybe none of this would have happened - like it’s her job to solve his self esteem problems. Don’t blame the man for his fuck-ups! Blame the woman for it - after all, she didn’t help him not to fuck up.

Of course, that kind of attitude is disturbing on all the levels. But I hate the tendency to diminish the love Elena had given Damon. He has been lucky to have her in his life, all the way through and that should have - would have, if the writers weren’t being ridiculous - meant a lot more to him.

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Sophy what do you think about Neal possibly returning as Baelfire (because of time travel)?


I hate that idea more than I can say? I would prefer that Neal just stay dead than that he come back as his child self, because it would be like saying who he became as an adult, who he chose to be for most of his life, doesn’t matter. Or worse, that he could benefit from a do-over.

One of the greatest things about Neal is that he suffered so much, in such varied ways, that there were times - decades, actually - when he had nothing and no one to hold onto, not even hope… and he came out of that a decent man. A kind man. A strong man. He came out of that a person who would sacrifice his own happiness, even his very life for the people he loves.

That’s important. It’s even more important than whether the character is alive or not.

Willow said it best:

"I think about what you grew up with and then I look at what you are. It makes me proud. It makes me love you more."

When Quinn Fabray was terrified all the time the only person she told was Rachel Berry.

And you know what she got in return? Encouragement and tenderness and understanding and truly being known. Quinn let Rachel know her at prom - the terror and torment - the anger - the vanity that is really self-hate - the humiliating need - all the things that make her significantly less than perfect. And Rachel decided she was still good enough - better than good enough, actually. Rachel decided Quinn was still worth a little more kindness - a lot more kindness, even - love, even.

Quinn slapped Rachel. She yelled at her. She was vicious and unreasonable and unattractively self-pitying.

She let Rachel see all of that. Forced her to see it, actually. And you what Rachel went and saw anyway? A lot more than that.

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I might be reading too much into it, but I feel like Damon's heartbreak has more to do with the fact that he's realizing he is bad for Elena. He doesn't want to be a Katherine. He doesn't want to change Elena or make her have to question her morals. He's tried to change for Elena, but in the end, he's still struggling with the same things he's been struggling with since season two. Decades/Centuries of behavior have to be difficult to change. Also, he's self-sabotaging. That's what he does.

Damon has known he is bad for Elena since at least the end of season 4, witness the ‘I’m wrong for you’ speech. At the time I was cool with him saying that, because I was assuming the following:

1. He was referencing his shitty behaviour in the past - everything he’s done that cannot be undone that someone like Elena would never do.
2. He was referring to the fact that he doesn’t live his life according to moral codes and is therefore willing to do terrible things as long as he has a purpose, unlike Elena who is not perfect but is moral.
3. The speech was partly motivated by his self-esteem issues and skewed perception of himself as The Bad Brother.

The problem is that it turned out that Damon’s ‘I’m wrong for you’ speech wasn’t so much about all of that as about the senseless, clandestine murder he was soon going to commit off-screen and we would find out about with Elena in 509.

Until he murdered Aunt Sarah Damon hadn’t killed another human being without a purpose since mid-season 2. I don’t see that as Damon continuing to struggle to change. I see it as Damon changing and then changing back because it suited the writers. I see Damon being written out of character in order to create drama - and to finally make it true that Damon is wrong for Elena - that he’s a terrible person - that he is, in fact, The Bad Brother.

I have sympathy for people who self-sabotage because of their issues. That sympathy runs out when their self-sabotage involves cold-blooded, heavily premeditated and planned murder. Scratch that, I still have sympathy for people who are so sick and ruined that they just can’t help but Dexter their way through life, but I don’t buy Damon as one of those people, no matter how hard season 5 is selling it.

Regardless, even if Damon’s heartbreak is all about realizing how bad he is for Elena - which he already knew and which - NEWSFLASH - he controls that - even if it’s about not wanting to ruin her… why exactly did he have to be such a raging dick to her about it?

Damon spoke to Elena bitterly at the end of 518. Those were not the words of someone who wanted the best for the person they love. As far as I’m concerned they weren’t the words of someone who loved this person at all.

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Oh my god, but seriously Sophy, don't you long for the days with the worst thing that had ever happened to Delena was the sirebond and we were all thinking of these great and IC and intricate ways the sirebond could prove to not be real (meaning we thought about this show more critically and came up with better storylines than the actual goddamn writers)? Because I know I do. I think about it all the time and I want to cry right now because Delena was the best thing since Spuffy. Was.


All of this. The sire bond pretty much crapped all over the entirety of season 4 for me. Now I look back and pine for season 4, sire bond and all, because AT LEAST MY CHARACTERS ACTED LIKE MY CHARACTERS AND AT LEAST MY SHIP WAS STILL MY SHIP AND IF I SQUINTED REALLY HARD THE SIRE BOND WASN’T A THING AND THERE HAD TO BE A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL THERE HAD TO BE.

Season 5 and Aunty Fucking Sarah was at the end of the tunnel.

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Sophy do you think Neal will come back on OUAT? I keep hoping :(

Um…. it’s hard to say anon.

On the one hand they buried his body and that seems pretty final.

On the other hand, if I were writing this show I wouldn’t be passing up my opportunity for a love triangle. As much as people say they hate it, competition is what keeps them invested and shipping hard. For a little while Hook fans will enjoy having a monopoly on Emma, but eventually they’ll realize they have nothing to struggle about and well… most people like Snow/Charming but few people actually ship it since Katherine’s been out of the picture.

This is why it would make sense from the writers’ standpoint to kill Neal off ‘permanently’ - actually temporarily. Emma, believing she and Neal will now never have their second chance, can plausibly move on to Hook (okay, I wouldn’t say it was plausible, but the writers would). Then when she and Hook have been developed enough as a real alternative to what Emma had with Neal… Neal reappears in the season 3 finale! Season 4 is the year of the love triangle.

I just can’t see them passing up that opportunity. As for how they’d do it, I’m not sure - but I have heard talk of time travel, which might work.

Other reasons I think Neal will be back:

- Henry’s lack of memories. Obviously he’s going to regain them at some point. It would be terrifically cruel to have him remember his father whilst knowing that he’s already dead and he never mourned him at the time or got to say goodbye. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a light at the end of that tunnel.


- I can’t believe they would put that much effort into crafting a ship for Emma that parallels her parents’ relationship so strongly and… toss it aside. That’s a lot of painstaking work down the drain.

- If Neal was going to be dead-dead and never coming back I would have thought the writers would save that for the S3 finale and I would have thought they would build up his relationships with Emma, Henry and Rumple so that there would be maximum shock and heartbreak. Doing it mid-season seems weird and makes me wonder whether it’s the set-up for a S3 finale in which Neal returns, dun dun dun - or rejoice, whatever the case may be.

- Rin said so.